Jsure Health participates in the DIA2020 global annual meeting

Jsure Health participates in the DIA2020 global annual meeting

 DIA Global Annual Meeting is in full swing. Affected by the epidemic, this annual meeting is the first virtual meeting in which all activities, exhibitions and forums are conducted online.

Jsure Health will participate in this annual meeting and set up a “virtual booth” on the online platform. Exchange the latest information and research results on patient recruitment and electronic clinical trials with various experts and colleagues in the industry. Guests are welcome to communicate with us online through the DIA virtual platform.

 We are waiting for your presence in DIA, USA.

Jsure Health ePRO product features and highlights

Based on product characteristics and domestic actual needs, Jsure Health has developed two ePRO products for different application scenarios, namely ePData™ for pre-market clinical trials and ePConnect™ for post-market real-world research.

ePData™ is developed by Jsure Health and is a localized electronic patient report ePRO product validated by FDA standards. It fundamentally solves the problems of traditional paper input, such as troublesome filling, data error-prone, and difficult to archive. It improves patient compliance, improves data integrity and compliance, and provides high-quality data and clinical trials. EPRO platform for efficiency and optimized patient experience. The ePData™ Electronic Patient Reporting Outcome System combines online and offline value generation, from subject enrollment to data collection to statistical analysis to provide ePRO one-stop worry-free solution.


ePConnect™ is a mobile patient course management solution developed by Jsure Health based on ePRO system. Use mobile tools to record patient report data, such as medication status, pain scores, adverse reaction reports, subjective descriptions of health conditions, and patient personal feelings. Combined with patient nurses and medical call centers, a patient-education management model of online to offline integration is formed. ePConnect™ is mainly used for post-marketing patient education and patient management, and has become an efficient mobile patient report data collection platform.