Combined with years of experience, Jsure has developed an integrated solution for patient recruitment in clinical trials, TrustRecruit. Through a multi-channel, digital, intelligent and process-based platform, Jsure solves the problems of slow recruitment, low retention rate, difficulties in enrollment, and poor compliance in the Chinese patient recruitment market.TrustRecruitcould recruit patient for clinical trials with online internet platform combined big data and AI technologies and offline recruitment network quickly and efficiently, which would accelerate the process of patient recruitment for 3 to 6 months. TrustRecruit could also improve enrollment, save the cost of new drug development, accelerate the new drug application and time to market, and bring real benefits to pharmaceutical enterprises.

Services of TrustRecruit

Stages Phase II, III and IV clinical trials Phase I clinical trials
Features Consulting on patient recruitment plan FACEONE™ Healthy volunteer management system based on face recognition technology
TrustRecruit Patient recruitment solutions Healthy volunteer recruitment
Recruitment of clinical trial subjects Healthy volunteer education
Clinical trial subjects management Healthy volunteer retention
Clinical trial subjects education Patient compensation payment service
Data collection and Investigation and survey International exchange activities of Phase I clinical sites

Advantages of TrustRecruit

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